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Lectures on Morse Homology Updates

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  1. The print edition corrected bibliography.
  2. The updated bibliography.

    Chapter 1

  3. p. 13-14 expanded the list of approaches to The Morse Homology Theorem.

    Chapter 2

  4. p. 19 H_0 corrected to H_1 in the middle of the page.
  5. p. 28 n=0 corrected to n=1 after the first commutative diagram.

    Chapter 3

  6. p. 45 added a missing f in the last line.
  7. p. 51 corrected n to m in the statement of Lemma 3.9.
  8. p. 58 changed metric to metrics at the end of the first paragraph of Section 3.2.
  9. p. 59 Added "The set" to the first line of the last paragraph.
  10. p. 61 changed the second to the last sentence of the proof of Theorem 3.20.
  11. p. 62 corrected z to p in the 5th line of the proof.
  12. p. 67 added some text to the first paragraph.
  13. p. 70 interchanged 0 and 1 in subscripts on second and third displayed equations and changed g to f in last sentence of proof.
  14. p. 73 changed M to X (the CW-complex) in the second to last line.
  15. p. 76 added a missing (-1)^k near the end of the proof of Theorem 3.24.
  16. p. 77 fixed some capitalization issues.
  17. p. 78 corrected the notation in both the statement and proof of Theorem 3.44.
  18. p. 82 corrected \pi \circ f to f \circ \pi in the second to last line.
  19. p. 83 changed B to C in the statement of Lemma 3.51.
  20. p. 84 corrected "normal bundle \nu_p C" to "unstable normal space \nu_p^-1 C" in Definition 3.52.
  21. p. 85 added a reference before Theorem 3.53, corrected the orientation assumption in Theorem 3.53, and changed Remark 3.54.
  22. p. 86 fixed some capitalization issues.
  23. p. 87 added "small", "positive", "appropriate bump functions", and changed the middle displayed equation.

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